No Disassemble....

This computer went down... and geesh... i got so lonely.  My  Daughter came over to visit from  New York...I just love the time we got to spend together... she tried to reboot this old thing.. re programed the  old hard drive.. .. nuttin happin... so she went and got a nother hard drive.. then that on would boot up with windows XP... so she did the 98 thingy on that one... NOPE... nuttin dooin...bummer huh...!
Well this old e-monster was doin  sumting just now what I wanted... so hey..
Even tho  it was screamin no disassemble... I did it any way... took out the hard drive... bunch the circuit  boards... unplugged all them thingys  and got out my trusty old vaccum cleaner..  BIG  WET -R- DRY  vac... put and addaptor  on the hose.. and cleaned HOUSE... yeah I did... then minus a  screw or two I put all them boards back in.. old hard drive...
pluggged it in... ran back to other side of room Just in Case...
I'm back.. the old thing turned rite on like nuttin ever happin... I'm so happy now....
my daughter gonna be surprised when she gets home and  finds that e-mail waitin tellin her all her hard work paid off with a little  spring cleanin  hahahaha...
so reckon that old sayin... cleanliness is next to Godliness has plenty of merit...
YA'LL.... HAVE A GREAT DAY... yahoo.....!



that\'s such a cute story :-)

Way to go good buddy. I\'m so glad that you are back I missed you. You have a great day too.

Welcome back my friend!!! Happy to see you were able to fix it, who would of thought all it needed was a good sweepin lol Always great to have you around! :)
Have a great day!! ~hugs~