No card veneer peeling machine maintenance lubrication is critical-

wood-veneer-question.jpgVeneer peeling machine is an important mechanical equipment for wood plants, plate factories and furniture processing plants.
Correct and safe operation of veneer peeling machine can not only improve the efficiency of veneer peeling machine, but also reduce its failure rate and prolong its service life.
So we have to master the correct veneer peeling machine operation methods and matters needing attention.
Professional veneer peeling machine manufacturers to introduce us to its operating methods and matters needing attention.

2.Veneer peeling machine before use, the operator should check whether all the safety equipment is working properly, and check whether the equipment is defective, before the equipment starts, should ensure that all parts are installed correctly, no parts damaged, the electrical operation keys and functions know clearly, familiar with the use of the steps, All equipment unrelated to the device should be removed from the device.
At the same time start the veneer peeling machine machine before you check whether the handle is in the correct position, and check whether the belt and chain tightness is appropriate.

Planing machine and veneer peeling machine are the wood this big family inside an indispensable part, each in their own posts staged their own role, for the development of the timber industry plays a role that can not be ignored, then planer compared to the card veneer peeling What are the differences between machine? Now let's take a look at:
The first aspect, low speed, large torque.
Compared with the electromagnetic motor, the most striking feature of the ultrasonic motor is the characteristic of the strong moment output at low speed.
The torque density of ultrasonic motor is more than 100~1000 times the torque density of electromagnetic motor.

Second aspect. Simple and flexible structure, various forms of movement.
Ultrasonic motor is generally composed of stator, rotor (or moving body) two parts, and can be very convenient to the motor stator, rotor respectively with the moving system in the fixed parts and moving parts as one.
Ultrasonic motors have a variety of flexible structural forms, such as rings, round plates, square plates, cylinders and spheres, and are very easy to achieve many forms of movement, such as rotational motion, linear motion, two-dimensional planar motion and three-dimensional motion.

CNC veneer peeling machine want to work more safely and quieter, then there must be a CNC veneer peeling machine The presence of a safety device that has a jingle-like presence to indicate the safety device that needs to exist:
CNC Veneer peeling machine has the wheel must have cover, has the shaft must have the sleeve, the saw blade has the cover, the saw Blade has the set, the planer Cheyo block, the safety device feed and so on, the wooden machine installation related protection equipment, to produce the noise, the dust device, shall install the muffler, the vacuum or the ventilation device, This can eliminate occupational hazards and ensure the safety and health of operators.

Typically, veneer peeling machine is set at a thickness of 1-2 mm before leaving the factory.
If you want to change the thickness of the wood skin later, you must first adjust the pressure of the veneer peeling machine.
Use the triangle ruler (500*250mm) to live on the upper and inside of the veneer peeling machine double flower roll, and use a 150 mm ruler to stand up to the value of the top of the single flower roll above the bottom of the tripod and the junction of the ruler, the leather thickness of 1-2 mm when taking the 35mm-36mm, If the leather thickness specification is less than 1 mm when the reading value increases correspondingly, such as the skin thickness specification is greater than 2.0 mm, the reading value decreases accordingly.
If you want to increase the pressure of the veneer peeling machine, add the gasket to both the single box and the blade shoulder respectively, and reduce the gasket when the pressure decreases.

  The maintenance of equipment without card veneer peeling machine is of great significance to the service life of the equipment, and more about the maintenance of wood machinery and equipment such as veneer peeling machine, please keep an eye on us.

Everything is from the safety, everything is for the sake of the happy life of manufacturers and employees, we can not produce, but we can do a qualified watchdog, so that more safety CNC veneer peeling machine out of the factory door ~

Plywood Everyone is more familiar with, now we use the furniture used in most of it is made, its aesthetics does not lose to solid wood furniture, but also improve the utilization of wood, save costs, in the present is very popular.
Plywood is composed of multi-layer wood skin superimposed high temperature suppression, and wood skin is achieved through the veneer peeling machine, so veneer peeling machine indirectly affect the quality of plywood.
Because different customers need different plywood thickness, this requires plywood manufacturers in the rotary cutting wood to proceed according to the actual situation to adjust the veneer peeling machine.
The adjustment methods are as follows: