I still feel like I am dreaming!  I can't believe all the news I have been receiving. I found out I'm pregnant and that my mom does not have cancer all in the same day.  It almost scares me that we're getting all this great news at once.  Like how much good news can I get before the bed news comes?  I really am not normally pessimisitc like this, but it's so hard not to keep that protective shield after experiencing heartache in the past.  But this is unreal!
My mom called me at work late afternoon yesterday and told me she had a message from her doctor's office telling her to call them back or to have one of her daughters call.  She was too nervous to call and asked if I could call and said that she didn't have a good feeling.  I didn't either.  I called my sister at work and told her I was calling.  I had the worse pit feeling in my stomach.  I called and spoke to the nurse.  The doctor was actually out.  They told me that they think they got all the pre-cancerous cells out but they did another scraping further up in her cervix where they couldn't get in last time during the colposcopy (due to post menopausal conditions) and those tests revealed more severe displaysia (level III pre-cancerous cells) and that at this time, they highly recommend that she get a hysterectomy.  So I said "no cancer????"  And she said "right no cancer, yet."  And I asked "yet?" And she said "yes, it is not cancer yet, but if she doesn't take care of this now, it will become cancer for certain."  So I hung up and I couldn't dial my sister's number fast enough.  We then called my mom three way and shared the wonderful news.  We later disussed it further after work over the phone.  My mom is scared to death of this hysterectomy.  I understand where she's coming from but she needs to be better educated with these procedures.  They just aren't like they used to be 30 years ago.  Also, she's post menopausal so she won't have the hormonal side effects like a pre-menopausal woman would have.  She thinks it's major surgery and that she's going to have all these bad hormonal side effects.  We discussed with her that she's not and that in 2 weeks when she goes for her follow-up with the doctor, they will reassure her the same.  She's super happy there's no cancer and I think she feels much better after our conversation last night.  Uh what a relief!
Then I told her I was pregnant!  She screamed!  She was so happy! It was just a glorious evening last night!  Thank you God!