No call today...

Early AM bloodwork once again today and no call from the clinic...  they assured me they would only call if there was a concern or a change to my meds, but it bothers me nonetheless.  I don't want to be that girl that calls constantly!
It's hard to imagine waiting two more full days (and most likely majority of Friday too!) to find out if this actually worked.  I just don't feel anything besides what I can attribute to the daily PIO shots, Crinone, Estrace, etc.  It all feels so inconclusive. 
We are going to our cabin this weekend in Northern MI and I'll either be celebrating (hopefully!) or drinking a lot of wine and feeling sorry for myself.  I am hoping for the former of the two!  I am still praying multiple times a day and assuming I AM pregnant and talking to "the kids" too.  Every little bit helps.
My grandma has been given about 8 weeks to live considering the size of her mass.  I was at the hospital today visiting her and I heard the Rock A Bye Baby playing over the PA, meaning a baby was born.  It's a small town, so babies aren't born every day.  I hope that's a sign.  It's also bittersweet to think she may be ending life and my child(ren) is just beginning his/hers.  If we are pregnant, I'm sad to think she'll never meet her great-grandchild(ren).  She's quite a character!
It seems appropriate to try to use her name for our baby's middle name, should be be blessed with one.  But I can't figure out how to use Edna (what she calls herself) or Anne-Marie (which is her legal name, though we never knew it!!) without making it sound crazy...  lol.  That does make me laugh to picture a baby girl with a cute trendy first name and Edna as a middle name. 
In the meantime, I remain optimistic.  Between St. Gerard and Mary the Virgin Mother of Christ and  my other favorite saints' miraculous works, God is great! 
I feel like I'm at a horse race--LET'S GO #6!  COME ON #11!!  YEAH!



I cannot imagine what I am in for. It\'s easy to say patience...NOT! Humm, what would I do while waiting? I\'d probably put on my ipod and blare my favorite songs. You the the songs that feel like they transport you somewhere else? Umm, watch my favorite movies(no bay themes of course) like Grease,Love Actually,or The Heiress. Yes, and you\'ll have to remind me of all my wonderful advice in July. Oh and have DH rub your feet .Sending baby energy your way cause you deserve it!

BE glad your clinic didn\'t call--> if they had, you might have found yourself on PIO shots 4 times a day or something!

I am keeping my fingers, toes, everything crossed for you for Friday!

lol- that horse race thing is great. I know EXACTLY what you\'re going through.
I have been tesing positive at home since Sunday, but yesterday and today have BAD cramps. It\'s so exhausting and impossible not to over-analyze every little twinge or ache. I have faith that this is our month, though, and #6 and/or #11 will be here in no time!