No AF Still Have Hope!

Well today I woke up didn't test because I figured AF would show today so as I was getting ready to take my daughter to Amazing Jakes for her birthday I did what I always have done and grabbed some midol and tampons and threw them in my purse. I was anxious all day everytime I had to pee I kept thinking ok my hopes are going to be over but everytime I went to the bathroom she was a no show so I can't help but get excited she is never late I have the same cycle I had when she first arrived when I was 14! So now its the waiting game my husband says he won't let me take a hpt until the first he is sick of me getting my hopes up and of course spending all the money lol Every test I have taken this month has been a BFN so I think I will listen to my husband this one time wish me luck I will let you all know what the verdict is!