Nil se\'n LA (Till the sun comes up) Gaelic.

We I finally got ahold of him last night, I am not making up excuses for him but he said he had to take the whole exhaust of the car cut nad reweld it, wich he is very mechanically inclinded, he pretty much runs the shop where he works I think there is alot of pressure, and his phone since i shattered it last December has never worked right, but he would not say that to me he said it won't hold a charge , I threw it as hard as i could at teh wall then it bounced off the wall and I could not find it, I looked for it, it was in the kitchen sink under a plate soaking in water well half of it, though he just says's it's old, but I can't help but start freaking out, when he doesen't answer, he is really trying so ,another thing, I called OW/COWORKER  I asked her if they were just friends why can't we be friends and on speaking terms , this was last night I was just seeing if she would call me back nad I will find out today if he talked to her, I checked my phone he didn't go through and deleter her number this time I hid it under another name, I don't feel anything for calling her, and if he says anything ot me, then i will tell  him, you brought this into our lives you have to deal with it like I have to deal with it, I wasn't rude to her or insane ,I m trying the "Pitiful Wife Routine' maybe then I can get a name, if htere was someting between thiem I do beleive it's over, I know I know, we have all said that, and then we get blindsided yet again, , but I really am trying, I think he knows, last night, by the look on my face  when he came in, he iddn't get mad or angry he just seemed hurt. He knows  what he did to me a couple of months ago and how hurt me and treated me, he apologized for it, but you know baby steps , baby steps, ........I also have a friend who is a guy we have known each other since Kindergarden, and nothing ever happened between us , none of his friends that are girls , we all hung ou, this was before I was married, we all had fun there was a group of us, then he met his future wife and she was standoffish, so I took the routhe an broke off the friendship out of respect for my friend and his now wife, well about a year ago  I heard through the grapevine that she had been going through Chemo, so I sent her a card , wishing her all the best and that I was thinking about her in this painful time, she called me and now we are friends , come to find out my friend Adam, began cheating on her with a co worker and got into Meth, I dindt know what to say to her, they have since worked it out ,and are doing great but she said "Thank you for what you did, I Know he was your friend and you have known each otehr for a very long time, thank you for respecting me enough to back off, no one has ever done that before, that shows me that there are good friends out there, 'Now we talk via e mail,  I told this co worker of my H to leave him alone and stop calling his cell, if you have to see each other at work, I can't do antying about taht right now utnil I get on my feet and start my job, My H swears he keeps it short at work when he deals with her, he told the owner picked up what was going on and told my H that he wuoldnt have to worry about her much longer since layoffs were coming, and he would be more then happy to get rid of her, since this is not the first time she has done this, SHOP RATS , thats what we call Women in shops ehre that sleep around, , .....well another day and less heartache, thats a good sign right ?