Nightmare nurse

I had an appointment yesterday with my endocrinologist and in amongst the visit she of course requested blood work. The first nurse ,sweet as she could be,  tried 3-4 times to stick me but the veins kept rolling. I was already an emotional mess but tried my best to keep my chin up but when the next nurse came in I had all I could do not to pick up and run. When I told her I was having a rough time due to the crohns she said "so . what else is the problem, I have it too and just push through it."  I thought nurses were supposed to be kind and understanding!! She had absolutely NO bedside manner! Just because hers was under control it sounded as if she thought everyone should be able to do so. I came home and just wanted to cry. I thought about looking up painless ways to commit suicide but then I thought of my family and how much it would hurt them.
After nearly 30 years of this crummy disease going from simple to extremely difficult there are days when life seems just too hard and no reason to be here.
When it's hard to even get dressed because of sensitivity and swelling I figure what's the use?
I sure wish there was more of a support system or group in my area.
Thanks folks for you being here and allowing me to vent,