This morning I had a nightmare about my job. Actually it was like as if I was sleeping and thinking at the same time. I was worried about a woman of my job who is always cheking what people are doing and  I am sure she was the one who complained about me to my boss.
I am a little bit scared in this job, thinking twice to see anything on Internet, paying attention to every sound and voice to be sure nobody is coming to my room to check what i am doing.
I don't like my job but I do my part. I don't have too much work in here so when there's nothing to do I try to learn new things on Internet so that I can leave this job but two people complained about me, said I didn't do anything to the boss of my boss so now I have to pretend I am working. It's sucks. I was already sad with this job and now I am not only unhappy but also scared and had this nightmare. Going to work in the morning is the worst....and when it's time to sleep I feel empty for the day that I had to stay in my job.