Nice weekend and waiting to see if I start stims.

Ahhhhh, we had very nice weekend, Friday night was fun, although my girlfriend had a little too much if ya know what I mean, but the day of watching movies and napping despite the beautiful weather was a nice change of pace and needed for both of us. And she was feeling better by early evening and we had a fabulous shopping spree the kind where everything I put on I actually liked and it was on super sale, can’t tell you (and don’t have to tell you ladies) how long it’s been since I had that “ooooh me likey” in anything other then sweats and dinner then home and bed early and slept in, actually awoke the next morning feeling refreshed, not like I’d give my favorite shoes away to just keep sleeping ;0) Spent the day at the beach and was home by 7pm, light traffic even.    So just waiting for the baseline test results from this morning, all I got was lining was nice and thin and there where some cysts, but then for there to have been NONE would be a miracle so..  Oh and I talked to my Nurse who had been dealing with DH and this whole bills mess and she couldn’t believe what a disaster it had all turned into and I mentioned to her that I just couldn’t do it, blah blah (you ladies know the story) and that if I had another person told me “well this IS elective so YOU CHOOSE to go under the treatment” or any like comment I was going to completely loss it, the look on her face was priceless, she was beside herself “you didn’t get that from here, from the hospital did you?” Yep, both hospitals, to which her response was two fold “Yeah and so is CHEMO, unbelievable. I’m going to call down there this afternoon, that’s outrageous, how dare anyone say that to you” – great huh. We’re not crazy ladies, to feel like we don’t get the understanding or respect we should and it so nice to have someone outside us acknowledge it.