Nice Weekend!

So the weekend was nice! Went out with the boys Friday night. Watched the Pens blow it Saturday & Monday….oh well. The garden’s not doing to well for us but I’m sure something will catch. I have a session tonight then it’s off to the grocery store. I’m feeling a bit off the last couple of days…just really lazy or something. I think Memorial day being so early and the weather going from 50 to 80 overnight has me thrown off. I’m working from home today…not much to do right now. That has me a bit stressed considering the nasty economy we find ourselves right now but it’s day-to-day for me from now on! I’ve spent too many years worrying about what’s next and what ifs. What if I lose my job…..who cares! I’ll just have to find another. I’ll cross that bridge when the day comes. I can feel part of me wanting to slip back into that negative pit but the medicine allows me to counteract the negative. Before the medicine I would have fallen head first right back into the blackness. Thank God for pointing me in the right direction!   I’m more curious to see what the future brings rather then dreading it. I found an interesting book in the therapist’s office about how we should not hope but rather “wonder” about the future. Hope says that if something doesn’t happen you can’t be happy. “Wonder” allows you to see your life as you see a movie. Movies are exciting because you wonder what’s next! If you know how a movie ends its not as much fun. Obviously bad and good things will happen in movies…as in life. I’ve never watched a movie and worried about the outcome. I just watch and enjoy! I’m trying this logic with my own life now. Every day is a new scene. So I’ll sit back and enjoy!