Next step is radiation iodine

OK - so I did some research and it looks like the radiation iodione therapy is going to suck, but only for a few days. I can live thought that. We just have to be prepared for it. The biggest problem is my Service Dog. There is simply no way I can be at home and not be in constant contact with her - being as she is still a very young dog any exposure to radiation will cause her great damage.
So, once we have the date, we are going to make reservations at the hotel that is 15 minutes away. It is a nice hotel and I will just take a five day vacation. My daughter and hubby can take care of all the animals. Meanwhile, I will chill on vacation, working an a few jigsaw puzzles, reading books, and watching tv - oh and sleepign though it. We are going to plan for five days - but play it be ear depending on the dose of radiation I get.
We have a list of stuff we are building to bring with me that we will toss after this is done.
Knowing what to expect takes the fear away. Which makes me feel better and better is good.



I may have to do the same thing with the hotel. I have two cats, my Husband and 23 year old Son to stay away from. Stupid questikn but how will you get your meals?. Do we need to remain on no iodne diet till scan? So many questions.....

As the pain meds I\'m on make me sick to my stomach anyway, I have only been eating once a day for the last six months anyway. So we figured that a cheap microwave oven and microwaveable Chow Mein, peanut butter for protien, and breakfast shakes. For liquid lots of cans of juices - you know the lunch box kind! So far this year I have lost 18 pounds, but as I have another 100 that can go away, I\'m not worried about it.

Although I have read a lot about needing to do low iodine diets before the scans, no Dr has talked to me about it yet. So I have no clue on that one.

I have a hubby, a 21 year old daughter, a Service Dog in training, a retired Service Dog, a pet dog, three ferrets, two goats and two horses to stay away from.

Yeah - for every answer I find, there are two or three more questions that come with it.

(Oh, and the pain killers are for the crushed vertibra and two hernerated discs - the surgery to repair them is on hold while we deal with the cancer. So for now I am still taking six oxycotten a day - and hating every single pill of it.)