Next Steps

Next Tuesday, my son & I go to the center so they can tell him how his brain is operating.  I hope he takes it as empowering.  Maybe he'll get out the emotional rut he's in, which I think is contributing to alot of his problems.  I'd love to have him be motivated enough to help compensate for his shortcomings & to work toward solutions.
I'm now on Day 4 of a 2nd dose of anti-biotics for the strep.  It's going down a little & not hurting as much, but I wish it would just GO AWAY!  It takes so much out of me.
Meanwhile, we're having a heck of a windstorm here in CT.  Plus I hear that there's due to be some coastal flooding & they're evacuating some areas (I'm far enough from the coast not to worry).  Lots of trees are down, but fortunatly, we still have power.