Newbie-Frustrated-Exhausted-Need Support

I'm new at this, this is my first entry. Diagnosed about a year ago - but have had symptoms for several years :(
This sucks.
I'm on Cymbalta 60 mg (not because i want to be, but because idk what else to do). 
If anyone has had something else that has worked pretty good for them, please share.
I'm exhausted lately.  Again.  My eyes feel heavy like i need to sleep in the morning after a full nights rest.  Even after 3 cups of coffee!!!! Ugh!!!! Cymbalta seemed to help for a little while.  Helps w/pain/aches & helps sleep quite a bit, but fatigue remains. Someone please help. Feel wiped out and a hardcore depression coming on :(
I'm 41, I've got a husband and 3 teen daughters, work f/t, and am VERY busy.  Fibro and/or Cymbalta has affected sex life incredibly.  I think the side effects of Cymbalta.  Anyone who can help/guide/encourage/direct please, please respond. This sucks.