New to this site

I am new to this site. I have suffered from depression on and off since I was 11 years old. I also am a natural introvert which is not unhealthy but combined with depression can lead to isolation and social anxiety.
Even on online sites it can be difficult for me to connect sometimes. I have tried so many treatments with mixed results that it becomes truly disheartening. I know I need to do something but I don't even know what anymore. 
I have a demanding job and outside of this I don't seem to have the energy to do anything a lot of the time. I know I need to work on this but so often I just feel tired. On a Saturday I can literally sleep the whole day if I don't push myself.

I also have difficulty reaching out so feel free to contact me.

I hope this site helps. I also may try journaling some people say supposedly that it helps. We'll see.



welcome to daily strength, this place is wonderful to connect with others who suffer from the same things.. I also have a dificulty reaching out and I\'ve been suffering from depression and anxiety since i was a freshman in highschool which was sooooo long ago :).

Hi and welcome.
You were depressed at 11? You got me beat by a year.
Music and exercise help me. That, and forcing myself to go out into the world and talk to real people.