New symptom

Well, not sure if it is really new.  Yesterday my foot stopped working all together.  I used to have foot drop in my right foot and weakness in my right leg.  Tingling all through leg and foot.  Yesterday, instead of foot drop, I have no real use of my right foot.  It just drags now instead of working any little bit.  The entire foot feels odd, almost completely numb I guess.  It still has a tingle.  Not sure what to make of this.  Didn't bother bringing my cane to work as I am not tripping over myself anymore.  I probably should have just so I can balance myself better.  Ahhh...if it isn't the drunk gait then it is the dragging.  Gotta love this "box of chocolates".  Never know what you're going to get! LOL    I was in the shower this morning and trying to figure out what was up.  I tried to flex my foot up and could not and then tried to push my foot down and found that very limited.  So, I will write it down and discuss with my neuro when I see him next.  I am not sure they will consider this "new".  They are so picky sometimes LOL.
Well, today is the last day of school for the kids. Christmas break starts tomorrow.  My daughter has a choir concert and her 4th grade Christmas program.  It isn't a holiday program either...she is a reindeer.  It is definitely Christmas!  It teaches that we should all accept each other's differences.  I think that is why it is a Christmas Program.  We shall be busy.  She also had to have treats to take in for her party.  She wanted to make Chocolate strawberries.  She didn't tell me that she wanted to dip them and take them in already dipped.  She got so mad at me for not knowing that...DUH!  I just figured people were supposed to dip their own.  I need to tell her to give me written instructions from now on!  It was hard enough getting her costume ready for her concert.  She needed antlers, black gloves, a long brown Tshirt, a tail, etc for the reindeer and then for choir she needs to have a poodle skirt.  Well, you can't just go buy a poodle skirt!  I had to get material and a poodle.  Thankfully my mother is good at sewing and she made the skirt for us.  We would have been lost without her! 
I wrapped gifts last night. Haven't quite gotten all of them done yet.  I need to go and buy a couple more things.  I need to get stuff to fill stockings...ugh every time I turn around I think of more to do before Christmas. 
Have a great day DS friends!



I\'m sorry to hear that your foot is giving you trouble. I know that feels weird.

Ah the go old days! I remember when my kids would have to get ready for Christmas programs and have parties at school. I would always be there and help out. Now they are TEENAGERS! LOL! That is good that your mother is there to help out with the costumes.

I have got to get busy buying the gifts for the kids. I always seem to wait until the last minute. But it is not my fault this year. I am waiting on payday. You know how that goes. I hope you have a good day! :)