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Whats love?
Everyone asks this,
But in truth we are no closer to the answer than we were a thousand years ago.
There are many types of love,
but it all comes back to this small word.
How can 4 letters have the power to make or break someone?
Without some sort of a motherly love,
You wouldnt have lived past the first few days.
Without a fatherly love,
Pieces are missing.
Without the love of friends,
You would be alone.
Yet without a significant others love,
You swear you couldn't be happy.
How does this work?
The world revolves around love,
Yet we only have the slightest idea as to what it means.
Love is used in all these ways,
Yet it feels different for each.
How could that be?
You can say they are the "love of your life",
But what about the one who loved you enough to give you life?
Why is it that only a few words are switched,
Yet the whole meaning changes?
We see couples everyday fall in "love",
Yet they come to hate most in the end.
How can you say they are the love of your life,
Then never acknowldge them again for hurting you?
It makes no sense,
But thats the glory of it, no?
The deep sense of a secret we crave to know.
A feeling we long to have.
A sense we figure worth knowing.
No one can answer any of these questions.
Hence the allure.
The mystery.
Calling to us.
Trapping us like a syrens song.
A crave we can never satisfy.



I like it!