New Baby

Things have been going pretty well. 1st I got a new BABY.....a dog. lol. He is a Yorkie Poo and he really has given me something else to focus on besides any issues I have. This is GREAT. If you can stand a pet, I highly recommend you get one. It is not a way to avoid your problems, but it definitely stops me from so many negative thoughts. I have had him for about a week and it is amazing how my attention has been diverted off of shopping, men, and anything else that can mentally bring me down for extended periods of time! He is is lovable and when I feel stress- he is like a stress ball. I just pet him and love him, he is wonderful.He calms me down and really appreciates my affection. Yeah, he requires a ton of attention and time, because I have to take him outside. Taking him outside is amazing excersize too, because I take him for a walk. He is only ten pound so he does not take up a ton of room in my house, although I have plenty of room. Does this sound pathetic? lol. Well, I just don't care, because for now he works!!! I really think my family is happy to see a change in my behavior since they got him for me. They recognized that I was depressed at times. I love that they care so much.

On the human side, lol, the man that I met is really amazing....well, so far. He is a really good person and actually care to get to know me. He is not so caught up in my looks as most men are and I can appreciate that. I have been treat as a sexual object so much in the past. I don't complain about being pretty, but it's hard to be taken seriously. So, those people who want the so called "beauty" careful what you wish for! Anyay, as I was saying, he is just sweet and kind. I won't complain, I will take this relationship at whatever level it develops to, be it friend or more. I'm just happy to meet someone who is genuinely nice, that's rare.

As far as shopping, the only real shopping I did was to buy my new dog his essentials- food & toys and not much else.