Never Endng Night

Late one night in meadowA mother holds her child The mother looks at the resting babythen up to the stars The mother weepsknowing the sun will rise and time will go onAnd for only a split second more she can savor that moment Day breaksthen hits noonand finishes to evening The mother continues and heads to the nightwith the babe She ponders about the night "The night is magical just absolutely magical.." She craddles her childand wipes tears from her face  The baby cries "Shh child-" As the mother consoles it and it ceases Daybreaksnormal as alwaysThen heads to the night The mother and child are out waiting for the night in the meadow Nightfalls suddenly "Magical.. so Magical.." The mother declares She grasps her child in handwith a loving taunt holdnever wanting to ever let go She slowly releases the overly taunt holdand runs as if not to see the sun As if she's in fear of it Day rises and falls to welcome the night  Many years past In the same meadow The babe is now at the age of adulthoodThe mother is aging and still weeps at the night The child asks her mother "Mother why do you cry at the night ?You always told me the night was magical,Does it hurt you?" The mother laughed and sighed "Ah...Not hurt does it show but pain of it ending to begin day.." The sky be came brighter and they ran offbefore the sun The grown babe knew the mother was holding something back Day came and went They met for the night again as alwayswhen they both were younger The babe asks the mother once more "Mother, why do you cry at the night...?" She shudders and spoke "I'm scared of it...Scared of time continuing on..Without you in my life ..and mine not being in yours..Scared of time its self .." Day welcomed its self  The child had to leave from her mother and this pain that her mother endured They cried at the depart Once both were at home Night came Both cried and sat out looking at the night and its beauty Not a day passed  Either of of them missed the night The babe was informed that her mother diedlate one night of heart failure Night came and went The child never looked at the night againit was too much pain Little did she know she was pregnant Months passed never did she look at the night She had a little baby girl Somthing drew her to a a meadow in the middle of the night Stars twinkled extra bright this night She held the baby her daughter and weeped She screamed at the emotional pain Yet was calmed by the night She cried out into the night  "Mother I understand your pain!....." She held her baby tighterknowing the sun will rise and that time will go oneven without her She takes a deep breathand sighs Savoring the momentthe passionthe time the love The sun rises Her daughter wakes and smiles up at her mother Crying and still with content The new mother walks proudly in the sun,she kisses the sky then her baby,but a thought ponders over her "If I'm scared of the time ending why not live it all and enjoy life....."