never a dull moment

Emotions ran high Friday night when T snuck out and didn't come home.  T was to be grounded because of his relapse and his behavior toward the assistant principal.  Friday nights hubby and I play soccer - husband tried to talk me into going to soccer together and let T go out for a bit.  Put my foot down - said no.  I told him, since we had two games - an hr. apart from each other) that he could go to one and I would go to the other.  Suddeningly he wasn't feeling well and decided not to go.  I went to both games and he let T out anyway.  T went to see (ex?) girlfriend and came home a little bit later telling my husband that they are now broken up.  T was upset, of course -  he then told my husband that he was going to have a cigarette and then go to bed.  I came home -- and that was when we discovered that T was missing.  Hubby thought he was still having a smoke.  We checked his bed only to find a mannequin head in his bed. We had to call police to tell them that he was gone - he was gone past both "our" curfew and the city one.  In the morning he was sleeping in his bed, telling us that he slept in the fort in our yard.  I know he was telling the truth because he said it right away as waking up, telling me it was cold out there.  Who knows what time he went out there?  I stayed up until 2 and hubby slept on the couch until 4.  T didn't see what the big deal was but did apologize.  I grounded him.  And I will have to report this to his probation officer.  It hurts because, not that I'm making excuses for him, but I know he is really hurting from this break up.  She has another "boyfriend" and is very blatant about it.  Poor guy.  It's hard enough being a teen, let alone having to deal with an addiction - and fighting it.    T went to an AA meeting last night and will be going with his sponsor again tonight.  In fact he's spending the afternoon with his sponsor.  His sponsor is wonderful.  I'm glad T is choosing to spend more time with him and is doubling up on his AA.    Happy Mother's Day!