Neurologist Visit

I saw my neurologist today.   The MRI did confirm that I have enlarged ventricles in my brain and the nuclear cisternogram confirmed slow CSF absroption. My symptoms are balance issues and erratic arm movement. She is a little puzzled by my symptoms  which are atypical for Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus so she is referring me to the Center for Advanced Medicine. She asked me if I knew where it was. I told her that I do know the location...boy do I know the location. My pulmonologist sent me to the leading asthma specialist there, my ENT doc sent me there  to a speech therapist for my videostroboscopy, and now I get to go there again. I should ask for my own parking space. I always knew that I was unique...I just didn't think that it would be in the way I react to medical conditions. I don't particularly like it when I confuse my doctors. I have sort of adjusted to the symptoms actually. I just have to be very careful. But I guess some doctors haven't met me yet. So I'll get to meet a new group. However it won't be anytime soon. Supposedly it will take 6 months to get an appointment. That's all right by me. I'm in no hurry. So there you have it, I'm feeling OK but like the doc I'm a little confused.  Be well,Tom