neuro appt

So, I drove to Colorado Springs today for my neuro appt.  We are having a very cold front so it is cold and snowing today.  I of course had the heat running in the car. The defrost and heat to my feet and legs.  The heat has me exhausted now.  I feel like I did all summer.  Tired, sluggish and basically miserable.  
The neuro didn't see me, he had his PA see me instead.  She went over my test results and told me that I have no lesions that are showing in my spine and that my EMG was ok.  Oh goody...still nothing to show why I am suffering.  I asked about the LP. Doc told me he would do one if these tests came back negative.  She told me he wrote nothing about it.  I quoted what he told me.  She told me that even if the LP came back abnormal they wouldn't give me a diagnosis of MS. I told her that I didn't care if I got the diagnosis, I want the LP.  Even if they don't give me a diagnosis, I still want to know if there is something abnormal there or not.  At least it gives me a direction to go.  I know they will just write me off as a psych patient if they don't do it.  And when they do it if it shows nothing, then I can write myself off as a psych patient.  Either way, I will have a small answer.  Maybe I am just nuts.  They are also going to put me in PT.  My son will be  Since he has been going to physical torture he wouldn't mind sharing it with someone. 
I told the PA I needed a letter for work.  My boss wants something from my neuro. I gave her a copy of my job description and a copy of my GP's note that he wrote.  I also wrote my concerns about my limitations and she took a copy of that as well. I just think that the excessive walking is going to get me injured sooner or later.  When I have all these symptoms and walk a lot I get really tired. I also have balance issues and my cane doesn't always catch me when my balance is off.  One of these days that poor balance and weakness and fatigue is going to end up in a big fall when they push me at work to do things my doc has said not to do.  I guess it is up to them.  
So, no answers yet.  Just worn out from the heater in my car now.  Ugh! I hate the cold but I hate feeling like this even more.



I\'m sorry you did not get any answers today. Maybe they will go ahead and schedule a LP soon. Take care and get some rest.