Nervous, Scarred, and Anxious

today i went to go to pick up my medications for my cycle of ivf. there are so many medications and needles. i am honestly very scarred. ihope everything goes ok. i am going to try ask my doctor if i can do acupuncture so that i can relax.



I will be praying for you. Remember that you can do anything through God who gives you strength. :)

Don\'t worry about it. You will be a pro in no time. My advice is to get some pill boxes so you can organize your meds by the week. It is very easy to get overwhelmed and mess things up (speaking from experience). I go to acupuncture once a week. It is not only very relaxing, but it can improve succes rates of IVF ( there was a scientific study done). Also, it can relieve side effects of the medication, especially the dreaded Lupron headaches. As you can tell, I highly recommend acupuncture.

Good luck.

Hi I started my first IVF cycle on Nov 5th.
Terrified doesn\'t even touch how worried I was about the whole process.

Well, I\'m a few days in now, and although I have an acute fear of needles, I\'m doing pretty bloody good.
Infact I now feel totally fine.

My husband is doing the shots for me, and they\'re really not bad at all, it\'s a mental thing for me, otherwise there\'s no pain in it.

What made it easier for me was taking my time and looking at the meds for a few minutes each day after I got them, and I swear by the time I had to start taking them, there seemed to only be a third as msuch to deal with.

I got really good instructions and asked a friend who\'s a nurse to oversee the first couple of days.

If I can feel okay about this, then i know you too will be just fine.