neibours again

Hi just need to write this as i feel very alone and am now in pain, my neibours have now gone to far and have attacked me, the lady downstairs came up and through all my plants around the hallway, i tried to get in between her and my plants, but she grabed my hair and slammed my face in to the floor a few times and held me there, and shouted at me, then punched me in he face, i have had enough, they had before this, every four to five minutes for six hours slammed a door or banged something, just to couse me to react, and when i didn't, this is what they did.I feel a little sick now and can't cope any more.i know there are worse people of in the world and worse that can happen, but i wasn't coping to well latley and this is the finale straw.i canno't call the law as i had something happen to me, which has coused me to have post trumatic stress, and they couse my flash backs to happen,where i dissociate,and cannot function, i want to charge them but i cannot, have anything to do with them at all.i struggled to get the help i needed, and eventualy i got hold of the people i needed,they phoned a little while ago.  and calmed me down, i will now go to sleep or try to as they are still banging around downstairs, and it is 3.30am here.