yesterday i got up to non stop gripping. everything that came out of my husbands mouth was poison. not toward me but to everything and everybody he could think of. i try to be patient, but this sort of thing can put me in a downward spiral fast. yesterday i felt like i was in a fog all day.
this morning was the same but when my husband took a nap i went and got a grand kid. when i came in with her, and she is 2 1/2, he said "why did you go and get her?" and my reply was "so i can have something to laugh with and play with instead of being surrounded by negative." he kept silent.
after awhile she took some toy blocks to his bed and he started stacking them for her on his bed side and she helped him. they would fall and she would laugh. put him in a good mood to for the rest of the day 
i try really hard not to judge others in pain. i may be a roaring lion in chronic pain i don't know. i pray that i will not be if that ever happens.