needing some hugs

i dont really know how to begin. this shold be a good day but it turned out to be one of the worse days. well i was promised that my boyfriend would come to visit me well he never showed up and never called. it hurts so bad, i feel like somebody just stabbed me in the back. he was the one who could make me smile just getting a text from him . he has always been there for me to talk too. i feel like its all my fault. i feel like i am not ment to be happy. i am been thinking about hurting myself but i know he is not worth it. i shouldnt be so depressed all the time. i am just so tired.



Well, Molly I am sending lots and lots of hugs....i a soooo sorry this is you now what is \"up\"? How could this be your fault?

No one is worth you hurting are worth good care....many hugs....