Need to do this!!

Ok, so I'm back on the dreaded Day 3 again.  In the last few weeks it seems that I can make it to day 3 and then it all goes downhill again.  I really really need to do it this time.  We have so many out of town weddings this year which means we'll be staying with other people.  My biggest fear is the wedding in March when we go to Florida.  We'll be staying with the groom's sister and she's perfect.  She's beautiful-perfect body, beautiful skin, perfect long blonde hair, straight bright white teeth, get the picture.  Here I am, not fat, but totally not toned (kinda jiggly), color and heat damaged hair, crappy skin, and practically no eyebrows and half of my eyelashes.  Wow, I feel good about myself already.  Anyway, I want to at least get my eyebrows and eyelashes a good amount of growth so that I don't have to worry about keeping makeup on the whole time.  Mornings are the worst since I don't have any makeup on so I think I look like a freak.  I want to be able to enjoy myself without worrying about what they're thinking of me.  I just got an elliptical for my birthday so I'm at least trying to make my body look better.  Now I just need to make my eyes look better.  Plus we're going to Cincinnati in July for my cousin's wedding so we'll be staying with my aunt.  I only see my family once every other year or so and would like to look good.  I know this is a long shot, but I have to try.  It would make me feel so awesome going to these knowing I can feel good about how I look.