need sleep

was up many many times last night and exhausted. one of my managers transferring because short story we dont get along. she was dating other manager which was big nono and caused alot of friction cause we all woulda lost job. now that she leaving the other manager starting with me. i thought these people were my friends and im so upset that they are not.cause dont have many. she repeatedly text me yesterday asking to makeup hours all said was i need check and see if we have them as i wasnt at work i told her just come in and i will figure out when i get there. she then text me many times saying im unfair treat the others better so i called and was pissed then she freaks out and starts crying. she said was my fault i yelled at her. i said i didnt appreciate nasty texts and next time call. so later i text her saying im worried is she ok and she said im confused why u textin if u said no more texts and ya im just fine. now i will go to work and they wont talk to me and it will be stressful and i hate it cause i live at work and now it sucks.