need help with depression

ok the week has finished and thanks the stress is over now. what should i do now, nothing to do this weekend. i love to talk to someone, i am tired of all this week, cant do and dont want to do anything. just want to relax and chat and laugh, i hope someone is not too busy to listen. i donno but for some reason i have lost my apitite for food cant eat much. i tried to eat but cant seems to even my sandwich. oh i went to doctors as my alergy has kicked in. i never had that sort but some reason it started and i am itching more and more and its leaving red marks on my skin. so went to see my GP and she only gave my some tablet for alergy for a month so that should be a new fun to have 1 tablet each day. i dono what to do this weekend so bored i am gonna be. oh why we have a thing called brain to think and then stress about it. i wish that i just put my brain some where to clean my memory and have a new fresh brain. i wish that scientist made a new laser which flesh into our brain and just make all disapear. so little life and so many problems to worry. gosh i cant even think straight. i have a got book from my friend but not managed to open it. i feel so frustrating not reading this book, its all about self-esteam and all that, i dono whats on tele today to watch. well that is all for now..maybe more update later on see u