need drink badly

I guess i have o put this coz i have been reluctant to put this here. Yes i was a drunk head for very long time. It almost took over my life when i used to come home and drink as much as i can until i pass out to stop the chatter box in my mind. I have given up this in 2008 all together and sine then i have not drink as i used to be. I have become just a social drinker which means once in 3 or 6 months so that is all good. But recently i have this craving started for drinks, even though i have drunk for long tome but its just this warm of drinking in my head starts to strike back again. Some time its too much noise in head for drink. I am really working hard to get this off my brain and have started doing exercises more which have been given to me by my Counselor. I know and understand that this is very slow process but some time its just brings back all the memories so my mind and heart wants drink to relax or kill them for time being. But i am pushing this hard to make sure i dont end up in an OFF LICENCE to get my lovely WHISKEY or VODKA.....arggggghhhhhhhhh....My counseling seems to be going ok but i have only just started. The good thing that she has given me different home work to do, which i have started doing it so hoping to pass my time with that.....I feel so lonely know i have spoken to people, doctors, counselor and so many other, i guess i want some more stuff to happen in life, dont like being lonely any more..