Need a Little Prayer

...Went to see my b/f over New Year's. 
Last year, I caught a sinus infection that turned into a bad illness that I then passed around the house (in spite of meds).  Mom wound up in the hospital after she caught it from me.
I was determined this year not to do the same; but, I was unsuccessful.  This time, my b/f came down with something New Year's day night, passed it along to me, and then we spent the rest of my visit just trying not to cough, sneeze and ache with whatever the sinus infection had turned into.  I was smart enough to bring all sorts of meds with me, this time, and I was nearly cured when I got home to my family....
But, our weather turned cold and wet, and I had the mother of all relapses.  Now, my Mom's come down with it and may have to go into the hospital, again, as she's having trouble catching her breath.
Please, anyone out there, just say a prayer for her that she can pass a peaceful night's sleep without too much discomfort--and just enough oxygen--so that she doesn't have to uproot herself, to spend time in our uncomfortable hospital!
I am so in your debt--THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS!



Thank you for sharing. Wishing comfort and a beautiful day for your Mom and you.