NEDA and operation beautiful

i have no idea why, but i can't post this as a discussion, so i'm posting it here. i'll try to put it up on the board later. a few weeks ago, i found the link to operation beautiful on the ED group. thank you to the lovely person who posted that. it touched me so deeply. i started giving notes out almost as soon as i had clicked. ( i started telling friends about it, and some of them are getting involved ass well. anyway, so when i found the website, i was so moved that i sent caitlin (the founder) this e-mail:

dear caitlin,
my name is fallon. i am 21. i have cerebral palsy and i struggle daily with an undiagnosed eating disorder. (i believe it is binge eating disorder, but i'm not sure.) someone in the eating disorders support group @ posted your website under the title "my new hobby". i clicked, and then i cried. i wanted to say thank you because i have been letting my ED get the best of me lately. last night, i tried to make myself throw up for the first time. thank god it didn't work. i binge ate afterward.

your website reminds me that jesus loves me and thinks i am beautiful. thank you for inspiring me to become involved. i think i'll start putting notes up. what an incredible way to spread god's love in the world. i frequently blog to close friends about my struggles with my illness. i think operation beautiful will be my next blog. i want to tell everyone i know. thank you SO MUCH! may god richly bless you and your ministry of making women aware of their real beauty.

the following is a poem i wrote last year called "princess"

I am a princess
A beautiful, prized jewel in the Eyes of my Father-
The King

My Father loves without limit
Without measurement
Without doubt

He will love me
Untill the end of time and back again
Throughout everything I have ever done
Or ever will do
He loves me not because I have earned it
But simply because I am His

I am a princess
A precious little lady
Who is meant for greatness

I can come to my Father
Anytime of day or night
No matter the thoughtsr
Weighing on my mind

I am a princess
Who has been given gifts
Meant just for me
No one else in the world has the exact gifts I do
My Father loves me that much
I am that precious

I am a princess
I am part of the largest kingdom the world has ever seen
My Father told me and my brothers and sisters
To tell you about Him
His name is Jesus

I am a princess
A beautiful, prized jewel in the eyes of my Father-
The King
And you can be His princess too

Fallon Marie

i think it will be my first operation beautiful note. thank you and god bless.

a few days later, i got an e-mail back from her, saying she wanted to post my e-mail on the website. it wasn't untill today that i saw caitlin and operation beautiful have teamed up with NEDA to raise ED awareness. she is looking for people to submit their stories of how operation beautiful is helping with recovery from ED's. don't be shy. if you have been touched by operation beautiful and it is helping you recover, let caitlin know. YOU CAN REMAIN ANNONYMOUS! to submit your stories, go to or e-mail caitlin @ -fallon



thanks for sharing. gotta run to meeting, Ttyl re: this.

thats awsome fallon!

Super touching! I\"ll submit my story to her. xo