Necrotizing myopothy final diagnosis

It's been three years since I've been out of a wheelchair  with a necrotizing form of myositis caused by the statins in Red Rice Yeast supplements. Yes it contains a statin that I'm very allergic to. After tons of water therapy and bike riding and wright lifting, I can say I have my life back. Just can't do statins in the future if I need to. My Rheumy may discharge me in January, just got blood work back and all is normal except white cell count is low. I've been off methotrexate and azathioprine for a year, but have not been able to get white  cell count where it was before I got sick. My doc started me on carvedilol for blood pressure 3 months ago and that could be it. So we'll see if I really get discharged in January! Bit otherwise thankful and lucky to be really well. I had two docs not sure I'd walk again. Wow. Myositis is a long slog!!