Today is the anniversary of Nattie's death. She would have been 5. I took flowers to her grave and took a few pics. I smile knowing that I will be at rest someday above her grave. I am buying a plot. It is still available and I have been paying a little at a time. Miss you baby girl. I just think of all the things that you would be doing. I watch your siblings grow and you would have been right between them in age. So it is easier for me to think of things that you would be doing.
School starts tomorrow and ready or not it is already here. I really wish I could drop out, but there are so many people tell me that I can do it. I do have some good news about school. Troy-my vocational rehab counselor-is going to hire me a tutor for my math class.  Better go for now....gotta get up early.
Sleep tight everyone.



Good luck on your first day in class! I am so happy that you got a tutor as well.

My condolences on your grandchild . . .