Nasty front - nasty beast

Late last night body went "nah - pain alert, beast awake".  As happens with me within minutes hurt to walk, hip, left knee and fingers packing a sad.  But shattered from stress of moving furniture about.  We having interior of house painted and it's been going on for quite a while as they do a bit and then give us a day and weekend to get carpet cleaned and move furniture for next lot.  I am so pathetically grateful to have a tradesman (a rare, timid and flighty creature in this Antipodean paradise) that I do What They Tell Me!  Even the carpet cleaner wont move any furniture and demands room "empty"!  Is it like that in the States?
Anyway woke to discover those heavy skies and checked forecast.  Of course a low hovering out there hence the pain.  Sigh.  Lathering the joints in voltaren cream and may even resort to extra prednisone as heaps to do and husband off to Wellington to sort car we "lent" our son...whole story of frustration there..
Just back myself - daughter in first ever paid opera part.  Only small but working alongside some of the second tier of NZ opera performers (not quite Kiri level!) so great experience and very exciting for me. Also sang with others in concert in our national museum while I was thre so that made for a pleasant time.  Guess it's pinnacles and potholes when you have this disease...