Name Change

I changed my user name to SleepyT.  It is more descriptive.  Why do they not have the sleepy emotioncon? Can not sleep enough???  What the Hell.   I slept from 7p-4a last night.  Could lay down and fall asleep right now.  Thinking back I have been sleepy for years and years.  I was a coffee addict, all day long every day.  Now I realize I was trying to keep myself awake.  I'm trying to get off coffee.  At home it's not hard, just that 1st cup of black joe, driving to work is a different story.  Once I'm at work is a different story.  I haven't gotten coffee after work like usual to get me through the evening, maybe that is why I'm zonking out so early!  Anyway.....on to next subject, exercise.  I did two days last week and not since.  I'm headed for the gym after work, if I don't get stuck on a call.  I did buy coffee this morning, frozen mocha yummy.....AUGH I am pathetic!  I've got to quit and I've got to lose weight!  Maybe if I list my weight each time I journal I'd be embarrassed enough to lose it!