i havent gotten out of bed 4 6 days now, just dont feel like i can face the world yet. My partner has been trying to get me up 4 days i know heĀ  is worried about me but i just cant do it yet. I feel so selfish stuck in my own world of pain when i know he must be hurting to. this was his first child. Im still bleeding and passing clots i think things may feel more positive when this stops. Im off to the doctor for another blood test soon. do i have any blood left?



I was also slow to take care of myself right after I had my D&C - my world was so dark and I was so incredibly devastated. I had to keep going.. at least a little beacause i have a toddler. A few days later, I realized that this baby (Harper) would WANT me to take care of myself, toddler and any of Harper\'s siblings - which he won\'t meet until we are all reunited in heaven. You have to keep going - even when you don\'t want to. I found that initially (and sometimes it still is) my grief is way worse at night. Also, I started watching a lot of sitcoms or funny movies to help me take my mind off of it just so I could return to the \"real\" world. It wasn\'t that I was trying to forget my baby, I never will, I just mentally needed a break from grieving before I went completely crazy over it. The feelings are strong so give yourself permission to take a break.

Keep hanging in there.

I feel your pain and hope things get better.