My Walmart Visit Today

I went out to my neighborhood Walmart store today and try to shop for a small amount of groceries and fill my Darvon prescription. It use to be a very plesurable trip for me ,but with my legs and feet burning and an all over in general flushing sensation the last few months it was all I could do to get my prescription filled and walk through the store on these painful legs and feet.  I just don't know what is going on with my body. This strange condition whatever it is, has been developing over almost 15 years now and I still havn't received a diagnosis just some guess work by different doctors. It all started back in 1993 with a small itchy rash over my right eyelid and I was given some steroid cream called Desonide to use on it and gradually it has progressed to a full blown rash which flares up from just about anything from stress to medication,or foods and it is almost all over my right side of my cheek and and eye lid and sometimes over to my left eyelid and under my eye. I also have muscle and joint pain on a regular basis and tiredness and also it is inward effecting my stomach and colon and I have to be very careful what I eat and what medications I take since I'm very sensitive in my intestines as well. I'm going to a knew Internal medicine doctor next week on tuesday the 27th and try to get some help with this horrible condition. I feel so helpless sometimes and don't know where to turn anymore.