My Update

Hi Everyone.. Ive been gone for sometime...  :)  but now im back... so here's whats been up..
FRom September thru Dec, I was on clomid 50mg , 100mg + add back clomid 100mg (still no follicles) :( So NO NEWS HEREE... lol
So last week I took Clomid from Mon-Friday 200mg oh my.. lol.. and they added 50IU of Follistism injections daily ( I was horrified about sticking myself lol...cause i hate shots... but you dont even feel  From that saturday 1/15/11 until Now...  I went to th Dr.  Monday 1/17/11.. and there were no measurable follicles there.. BUT my estrogen leven was increasing.. YAY!  so I went back today 1/19/11... .... and come to find out.. i FINALLY have progress.. Im have a few very very small ones on the right side.. (8mm or smaller less) and on the left side I have one that is 9mm.. so Im feeling well about this.. hopefully this is my last cycle.. lol.. :) .. but I have to increase my follistim injections to 75IU and com back friday 1-21-11 ... so hopefully then it will grow more..... the Dr. wants to be careful with me so I wont overstimmulate because of the PCOS....  I will update you after the appt on Friday.... Prayfully its great news...



Thats great news. What exactly are follicles? I hope your apt goes well.