My thoughts

My nephew was sentenced Mon, May 24th to 12 years in prison for statatory rape with my daughter.  I thought once the court case was over, i could begin the healing, but, it is a relief the trial is over.  He plead quilty, but I feel an emptiness in my heart.  My family doesn't talk to me, because they blame my daughter for part of that improper relationship.  I don't have a relationship with my brother, sister-in-law, niece or great nephew due the improper relationship that happened between my nephew and my daughter. 
My daughter also was raped by another guy in winter of 2000-2007, that guy is still on the streets.  Hopefully he will be off the streets real soon.  Lots going on in our lives.  I am on anti depressants and i'm on disability.  I feel sad daily and want to sleep and cry.  What kinda of life is this to have to live????



The problem I see here is that everybody appears to be blaming you and your daughter for the crimes your nephew committed. However, the entire blame rests on your nephew who committed the crime. Your nephew could had choosen to of obeyed the law. It sounds like his own family is enabling him by taking the blame off of your nephew. I have a real tough time if that is the case. If your daughter is under the age of eighteen, then legally and morally she is not culpable for what happened. To the contrary, your nephew knew what he was doing, the immoral and illegal nature of his acts, and the consequence of his actions happens to be prison time. This is necessary as the judge, parents, concerned citizens, other sexual abuse victims, etc. must be always concerned for the safety of the community. I have been on anti-depressants for years and they are not always what they are cracked up to be. Most do make you tired. However, there is one that doesn\'t. It is Wellbutrin XL and the normal starting dose is 1-300 mg. tablet daily and you take it when you wake up in the morning. However, if you suggest this to a doctor he or she will likely tell you that you can take it anytime of the day. However, if your keyed up normally, taking it anytime could cause insomnia.