My therapist calls me

My Therapist has been calling me on a daily basis to check in. He is convinced that much of my anxiety is tied into trying to "figure it out"  just had a good guided imagery session with him, I have this area on my chest that feels like the weight of the world is on it, when I think about it- it makes me sad and depressed, when I try to dig into it. He was trying to help me dig, and I can't explain it, it's just this pressure, anxiety that I'm trying my best to do with minimal medicines now. It's 11 days off the Effexor, and I am still at a crossroads of should I go on anything else or not.
My therapist who knows me the best and is NOT anti-medicine, in fact he has refered me to psychiatrists in the passed, thinks that with the side effects I've had on some, including this last one, and me trying to figure it out, I should stay away from an anti-depressant.
I Think they helped me in the passed, but this last time failed me. Everytime I bring it up I can tell he is not stoked, like I'm not listening to him. He feels like I can get thru this by turning my thoughts around and naturally raising my body chemistry