My Son- Tough Decision

My Son has being on heroin for 10 years now.  In and out of jails, and in out of rehabs, hospitals, etc .  Most of the time he lived with us but it was very destructive.  He has 2 felonies for possession of herion and been using drugs close to 13 years.
We love him but I have going thru enough hospital visits, knocking down doors to save his life, parties to 3 in the morning etc  and watching him almost burn our home down many times by smoking while high.
THE PROBELM:  he is now getting out of jail My wife left 6 months ago. Divorce preceeding have begun, and I have found a significant other.  (Unbelieveable but true!)  I am 60 years old, and have maintain the home myself.  My wife , well lets not go there.  Anyway, my son is getting out of jail next week, and I refuse to letting him come back home.  It hurts me to do this, but I see know other choice.  I can't let him stay because it would be detructive.  I am currently repairing the house and trying to get it ready for sale on top of everything.
Is there any place my son can stay?  I really think staying here would be terrible, and I am trying to start as new life.  I love him but can help him anymore.  Nothing we did ever made him better.  I know he has to.  He was living on the Street of New Yrok city for a while, and claimed he liked it.  We live in the Chicago area.
Any ideas here would be helpful.  Also, I feel bad turning my back, but feel there is no choice!
Thanks- Jack