Friday was my son Andy's wedding.It was an outdoor wedding and the wearher was very nice.I don't know if anyone remembered me writing in my journal about Pill Hill.An area of Rochester where Mayo doctor's built there mansion's many year's ago.Well the wedding was at Dr Plummer's House.It is now used for event's like wedding's.No one live's there any more but it's funished like it is.Each bedroom has A sitting room and private bathroom.I had never been up there so I was thrilled.There's A semi retired realtor that come's into the store and I alway's tell her when I win the lottery I'm going to call her and we will meet in Pill Hill.Only I'll put an elevator in my mansion.The step's will kill you.Anyway back to the wedding.They did A really good job of cutting cost's.People gave gift's of there talent.Her Maid Of Honor who is also her best friend made the wedding cake as A gift.Another friend who catered small affair made the food as A gift.They just had to buy the food and it was not A large wedding.Megan's mother made them A beautiful quilt.As A rule when it's done at A church you go in the evening before to decorate,setup, and reherse.Well at the Plummer House you go in the morning of to do all that.Well that was just fine with me because if it's done the evening before the groom's family take's everyone out for A nice dinner.Well there was no way I could have afforded that so what I did was I rolled in about noon with pizza's.I could handle that.Andy called me today to thank me a and tell me he loved me.He also told me his father in law extended his hand to him.For anyone who does'nt know my son's are biracial and Megan's dad was'nt real happy about about this relationship.One thing Andy put on the Gift Registry was A wock because he like's to cook.His father in law got it for them as A wedding gift so it was A happy day in more way's then one.Andy and Megan are going to Jamacia on the 1ST till the 9TH on there honeymoon.I just could'nt get to everyone with A private email to share my son's wedding with so I decided to do it in A journal.