My social awkwarness prevaled..

   Today was our showcase for choir. It was so fun! Everyone said we were the best of the 5 schools that were there, so I'm pretty happy(:
   So here's where the title of this joural entry comes in... So the guy I want to 'do' is in one of the choirs that came today. And the whole time I'm thinking he'll never look at me, then we make eye contact and I didn't know what to do, so I just looked away. THEN he starts yelling my name. I just kept looking around... Honestly. What is wrong with me? Bahaha. I don't know what I was thinking... Then his girlfriend sat by him. She is tall and pretty and blonde and whatever else. Basically the polar opposite of me. Ugh... I'm going to die a virgin. haha.
   I dont' know why I want him so bad. And it's pure lust, nothing more. Maybe it's because he's gorgeous and... well, nevermind :p
   Sidenote-ish; I really don't want to graduate a virgin. When I go to college I just want to be able to fuck who ever where ever. But no, I have to wait for 'someone special'. Being a virgin bites.