My plan

So I have been thinking alot and I know what needs to be done. My plan is I'm hoping to leave mid march, I would like to leave today but it just is not possible right now. I work for a family business and my husband is working part time for us right now, my brother is laid up for a month he had surgery on his foot, so he is not able to work at all and we need my husband to work for us until my brother is back on his feet. I call it taking one for the team, which i am not happy about but there is no other way around it, i dont have anyone else that can fill in for him and since he is not working anywhere else, this is our only option, my brother should be ready to go back to work mid march and then i dont have to worry about needing help for my dads business from him. I think this will be the longest month and a half ever but i have survived this long, i should be able to make it.