My other aunt is sick and dying in Florida

I always call my other brother on Tuesday.I like Tuesday and frankly...I do prefer this day to be off.Monday can be a drag in seattle as nothing even some of the foods banks arent opened.The ones that are arent in my zip code and this wouldnt be fair to the people in need.I have been feeling funny ever since that earthquake.Strange things have been happening and it isnt in my mind.Why do things happen in threes? Hasnt anyone noticed this? I have finally made an appointment with the dentist and I hate dentists.I saw a Sanford and Son about dentists but I have always hated them even as a kid.When you are on of the side effects is that you start to lose your teeth.I have lost several in the years that I have been here..but I cant stop taking this medication.I am going to the dentist on the 18th.It will be Brads birthday,and he shares his birthday with Yoko Ono and John Travolta.Today I was told bad news again.My aunt Fifi is near death.She is resting at here home in Florida..They moved to Fort Myers...many years ago.My uncle mothers younger brother died in 2003.He died in Janaurary..then my mom died in June...She was a very good aunt and I will always remember her because of her work ethic.My aunt came here in 1961...from Colombia to start a new life.She was raised by her sister and she became a nurse.But the biggest news is on the 6th...we had to put Tuffy to sleep.Tuffy was Brads cat.He had since 1993...but lately she hasnt been herself and it was getting to be too much work.Tuffy was on her way out and I think that she knew it..when we had that earthquake...Tuffy woke me up and she was screaming...she never screamed like that in her life...and when I held her..I felt a tumor under her stomach and I knew.Tuffy stopped using the litter box for months and prefereed to go outside.We even made a sand box for her and she would do her business there and then come in....On Friday...she I awoke..I found blood in the kitchen.She was just in so much pain and I couldnt do this to her.Tuffy is buried in the yard under the tree that she loved so much.She will always be a part of my life and no other cat loved me so much and was there when I lost my mom and brother...when I came home from that airport..I put my suitcase.I got on the couch and I cried my eyes out then I fell asleep.I must have slept on the couch for several hours and when I awoke...Tuffy...kramer and little tooey were by my side.Tuffy sat by my feet and she never left my side for that entire day.The other cats did not even go out either...they stayed also and waited until Brad got home and then they ate and slept.I will never forget this.