My New Year!

Hi! I realize that for me the New Year really started with the end of November and beginning of December. That was when I moved into this new place. Actually that fits in with the "Church Year" which begins with the "First Sunday of Advent". That is four Sundays before Christmas. Anyhow it sort of fit with my cycle this year... I guess we all follow some cycle or another or a couple. Right now it is the start of Chinese New Year - Kong hei fat choi! (I hope I didn't mangle that too badly.) Of course there was January 1st and we could celebrate Winter Solstice... though often December 25th is the day for that because that is when -- as far as I am told -- you can measurably tell the sun is starting its journey back northward... Not to mention the new year we tend to celebrate with each birthday. I have made a few inroads in my unpacking, though nowhere near what I would like. My close friends are very aware of that. I'll solve the problem I know. I am looking to buy an outdoor storage unit. Perhaps one of those vinyl ones like Rubbermaid makes or even aluminum ones, not too big as it has to fit on my porch. Maybe 5'x8'? I am also interested in finding a wardrobe to use in my living room/kitchen area... I am thinking to use it as a combination storage and broom closet. I am looking for something nice, though inexpensive...preferably something with a street lamp post at the back... maybe imported from England. (Talking Lion optional.) I am hoping to get back here more often and am trying to get back into the swing of writing after long hiatus from nearly last Spring. I hope to see you soon! ~ Darrell