My new pen pal

I didn't accomplish all that I wanted to today but, that's okay. For some strange, unknown reason, my mind has been reeling until I had to sit down and write. Maybe this is a "sign" from my Dad. I just couldn't let it slip away. I've got a funny feeling going on inside, too. Up until now, most of my poems are about death or right after someone passes away. Here goes:
                                        A Message From My Dad
I received a special gift today.
The best I've ever had.
It wasn't delivered in a box.
It was a message from my Dad.
He told me about his new Home.
And of family and friends.
Of only peace and harmony.
Where happiness never ends.
He told me he'd been watching me.
But he didn't realize.
That I'd never be the same again.
Or of the pain within my eyes.
He said his suffering is over.
That he wishes mine were too.
"When you need me, just look up.
I'm always here with you."
I sent him back a message.
 "Even though, we are apart.
You're never far away from me.
 You're forever, in my heart".



that is a beautiful poem and hit home..thank you for posting

You touched my heart with this beautiful poem. Your such a deep, caring, loving person and I only wish the BEST for you. laura