My mother in law once again

It has been a peaceful day this Saturday morning.  I thought that I would offer to take my mother in law shopping for a new coat.  Now I have second thoughts about doing so.  Mom comes down from taking a shower and is all over me and my husband.  There was no soap, the kind she uses in the tub.  That alone started a big argument.  And that while I did not know she was taking a shower, I was doing the wash down in the basement.  Her comment, why did I not ask before I started the wash. That led into all the things I do not do.  I asked why was she picking on me specifically.  She said I was the reason.  My husband quickly chimed in with, Mom that happens to all of us.  Fill the sugar, put toilet paper on the roll.  We live here and these things are going to happen.  She mentioned that I never talk to her at all.  Of course I do, but this was an opportunity to get realllllllllllllllly honest with her.  I told her the reason I am not as available is because of the way I have been treated in this house, the verbal abuse I had to go thru living here.  I told her I am not the person I was because of her treatment.  I did stay away, was congenial when I needed to be, but I did stay away.  I told her because of my childhood I was not going to set myself up for any more pain than I was already dealing with.  That is the truth.  I am healthier because I know I do not deserve what she has dished out inthe last few years.  She has as I saw her this morning a vindictive side to her.  I am sorry she is hurting, her arm hurts, but I cannot take away her pain.  Nor can I take away whatever pain she as a child had in her life.  She must deal with that.  Instead she spews all her anger onto my husband and I.  We are here to help her, and so many times she has hindered that help by her very behavior.   It is interesting that I just shared on My Space with a coworker that there was negative energy here in this house and that is why I feel I cannot draw or paint.  Well my mother in law just confirmed what I have felt for the last 5 years living here.  My mother in law is so out of touch with her pain, her emotional pain and instead uses my husband and I as her way to vent.    I found today that is was so much easier to just tell my truth to her.  It flowed out of me.  I know my truth so I speak it as I feel it.  This woman denied that she was ever abusive to me, and I asked my husband if what I said was true.  He agreed.  Nice that he is NOW on my side, because that was not the case a few years ago.  She forgets just how demeaning she was with me and my husband and my son.  Well, I do not forget.  Maybe she is in such denial that she is the kind of woman I am telling her she is with her behavior.   She is meanspirited.  I have seen it way too many times .  I told her of the times she would be abusive and she stands there saying I never said any of those things.  So she denies she is abusive.  She has to live with that.  I know the truth, my husband knows the truth.  Now when things like this happen I don't even hesitate to say what I feel.  She has given me much practice to assert myself.  I thank her for the gift even if she does not know she gave me a gift of assertivness.  All of this tells me just how much I have grown.  I  am sitting here at this computer, not crying, not feeling demeaned, not feeling as tho I have done anything to her, other than taking care of that wounded little girl inside of me and telling her where I am coming from.  She does not handle the truth, but that is not my problem.  In all the times I confronted her behavior, I have never demeaned, put her down, just basically told her I will not accept this kind of behavior.  I don't deserve it, I am kind, nice, caring.  I do believe that about me.  So I thinking someone who is all those things, should not accept anything but respect.  Someone can be angry at me, that is okay.  WE all get angry, but it is the way we handle it.  20 years in and out of therapy, books on dysfunctional families has taught me so much and beginning to love myself with all my faults frailities and shortcomings I think is the basis for why I am what I am today. I would not change a thing.   Now when I go back upstairs wonder if Mom will be dressed for shopping.  I told her I will not go shopping with her if she is in this mood.  If she got over it by the time I come home later, yep I will take her, but not if I am going to be the target of her anger.  I just will not do it.What she has taught me is not to grow old being meanspirited, nasty and in denial.  I thank God for where I am today.