My mom and 5 yards of gravel

Just got back from Sutherlin Oregon on Wednesday a bit tired after hauling 5 yards of p-gravel, shoveling , racking and smoothing. Here's how this came about.
a few weeks ago I called my Parents (both 80) and said I wanted to come up for a few days. I told my mom Neva to have some chores for me as I don't like to just sit around.
Originally I was going to help with my dad Jacks e-mail and maybe burn some music CD's for him of Benny Goodman or Fats Waller.
I get this e-mail from the my mom she has ordered a few yards of gravel deciding to take me up on my offer.
Well I got there Monday night and it was all just visiting and catching up. Tuesday I got through the gravel in about 3 hours so Mom had another truck load brought in that afternoon. Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday I work another oh...6 hours on it and asked Mom it seemed like the second load was bigger. She goes , oh I wanted to see we had enough so the second was 3 yards ( ha ha )
First of all I actually enjoyed the hard work and was treated to delicious meals and praise ( who wouldn't want that !!! ) .
Other than being tired I am in tact with no injuries :)
Mom and Dad both are looking forward to my next visit in August and are making their list , Mom said something about concrete bricks and tiles ..
My husband mentioned to me he wasn't motivated to exercise lately . I told him just come with me to my parents next time :):):)