My memory Issue and Completing my own BOOK about my life

so i ave started to write a book about not for publish (maybe it depends). As i have terrible long and short memory loss. A counselor has advised me that it might be very long time b4r i get this back or i may never be able to get it back as i ave pushed back all these feelings and my mind has blocked them with my drinking and daily routine. But he said that they are still their i need to work very hard on it in order to bring it out. So today i will make another goal to write at least 1 or 2 page about my life to complete my book. I cant give myself time schedule as i dont know how long my memory will take? But at least by writing i will have a goal to achieve and will not be lazy any more. Plz help me to complete my book by encouraging me more and more..
thanks for reading and peace